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Having A drink At The World’s Southernmost Bar

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Antarctica is a continent that lends itself to unique experiences. In addition to the most stunning scenery on earth and hordes of penguins everywhere, its isolation makes almost everything you do a new undertaking. Sure, cruising in zodiacs and swimming in below-freezing water aren’t your everyday outings, but even getting a drink at the local bar is something completely new. Here’s how you can have a very cold one at the southernmost bar in the world.

Getting There

The Southernmost Bar in the World
Arriving at Vernadsky Research Base.

The southernmost bar in the world is officially called the Faraday Bar. Located at Vernadsky Research Station, a Ukranian research base perched on Galindez Island at a cool 65 degrees, 15 minutes south of the Equator, it’s not the easiest place to visit. To get there, it would be helpful if you already have plans of traveling to Antarctica to begin with. If you’re keen on experiencing the world’s  southernmost bar, make sure you book an expedition that stops by Vernadsky.

When you arrive at Vernadsky Base, be sure to explore around and get to know the place. Not only can you learn about the day to day activities there, but you can also peruse the gift shop (where I bought my favorite beanie) and admire their bra collection. Hey, it gets lonely down in Antarctica!

The Southernmost Bar In The World

When you do arrive at the Faraday Bar, take a look at the menu, you’ll need a while to process it’s vast array of elaborate options.

Just kidding, they only serve straight vodka.

The researchers at Vernadsky distill the vodka themselves on site using a nearby glacier, and you can purchase it for the reasonable price of $3 USD or the bra you’re wearing. Seriously.

Vernadsky Southernmost Bar
It was my favorite bra, too, although I don’t think the bartender was impressed by it.

I was surprised to see that the vodka was dark brown in color, but it didn’t matter. It was fantastic. The best vodka I’ve ever had, although it didn’t taste like vodka I was used to. It was flavorful and went down smooth, and I got a great life experience out of it to boot! If you make it down to Antarctica, be sure to stop by, and bring a back up bra with you.



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