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Queenstown’s Nevis Bungee: All-In on The Big One

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You’ve thought about it long and hard, and you’re ready to do what everyone else has been doing: jump off a bridge! Instead of doing one of those wimpy little jumps into a creek below you, why not just put your money where your  mouth is and go all-in?  The Nevis Bungee from AJ Hackett in Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect right-of-passage for any aspiring bungee jumpers.

Queenstown Nevis Bungee
Going down?

The Nevis Bungee

The Nevis Bungee Platform
Your ticket to freefall.

Although AJ Hackett offers several different jumps across New Zealand, the Nevis Bungee is their flagship one. If you want to get your heart racing and your stomach dropping, this is the place to go! With a 134 meter (roughly 440 feet) drop, it’s almost 3 times higher than the next highest option they offer.

Be sure to book your jump time in advance and meet at the Queenstown office 30 minutes before your scheduled time to get checked in and prepped. Soon you’ll hop on a shuttle with your fellow jumpers and head out on a 40 minute ride to the jump site. You’ll know you’ve almost arrived at the Nevis Bungee when you start a steep, precarious ascent up a dirt path.

Getting Prepped

Nevis Bungee Prep
Ready to Rumble!

You’ll either feel reassured or more nervous when the crew hooks up your harness and weighs you to make sure they match you with the right bungee cord. You’ll jump in order of weight from heaviest to lightest, so my towering 5 foot 3 inch frame was going to have the pleasure of watching all of the other jumpers go ahead of me, screaming as they plummeted to the bottom.

Once you’re properly prepped, head over to the gondola where you’ll be shuttled to the jump platform. Unlike many other jumps, the Nevis Bungee is done from a specially made platform that is suspended from wires high above a gorge. The gondola ride over to the platform is a great first impression, as you’ll get to see and hear other jumpers plunge into the canyon below, usually making a good amount of noise in the process. As the gondola slowly makes its way to the platform, it will all sink in that you’re really doing this.

It’s Go Time

You’ve reached the Nevis Bungee Jump Platform! You’re committed and ready to rock. Enjoy the view of any jumpers ahead of you through the glass floors and witness their grins (or tears…) as they’re hoisted up from the bottom. Savor the pleas of some jumpers to be pushed, only to be told they have to jump on their own accord, and have fun watching the general freaking-out that is inevitable from some jumpers (but not you, obviously!).

Nevis Bungee Platform Edge
The face of fear.

Once your turn has arrived, sit in the chair and get your feet strapped in to the harness. Carefully wiggle your way to the platform edge without losing your balance, it’s a little nerve-wracking having your ankles tied together! The scariest part for me is when the staff tossed the bungee over the platform and I felt that ever-so-gentle tug at my feet. I’m sure it was nothing, but that little bit of pressure made me feel like it was going to pull me off the platform! It’s really happening now, there’s no turning back. Prepare to do your best swan dive and have your battle cry ready, because it’s time to jump!

Nevis Bungee Jump
Bombs Away!

For me as a first time jumper, I was surprised at how smooth the whole experience was. The recoil at the bottom wasn’t bad at all, although I did feel my stomach drop at the apex of my bounce back at the top. Overall it was a blast and I’ll never forget it. If you want to go again immediately afterwards, I don’t blame you, and they luckily offer a discount if you go again right away now that you’re all prepped and ready.

Nevis Bungee Finish

You’ve just earned some serious bragging rights and a free T-shirt to prove you made it. The Nevis Bungee was my first jump, but it definitely won’t be my last! If you have any questions or something to share about your Nevis Bungee experience, leave a comment below!


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