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The Ultimate Adventure Travel Gift Guide

November 15, 2016 By Annual Adventure Travel Advice

Deciding what to get someone for the holidays can be way more stress than it should. There’s always that one person who is impossible to shop for, who doesn’t want anything or already has it all. Well, have no fear! Here’s a guide to a wide variety of adventure travel gifts to help spark the […]

How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Antarctica?

March 16, 2016 By Annual Adventure Antarctica, Polar Regions, Travel Advice

Whenever anybody finds out for the first time that I’ve traveled to Antarctica (especially after seeing my pictures!), I always get two immediate follow-up questions: How much does Antarctica travel cost? How can you afford that??? The Trip Of A Lifetime Before we get started with diving headfirst into the actual numbers involved with traveling to Antarctica, […]

5 Tips For Staying Healthy Abroad

February 1, 2016 By Annual Adventure Travel Advice

Anyone who’s traveled extensively has become ill at some point, whether it’s Montezuma’s Revenge or Malaria. To prevent the same thing from happening to you, here are some quick tips to stay healthy abroad and keep your travels happy! 1. Take Your Medicine Do your research and find out what vaccinations and prophylactics (such as anti-malarials) […]

how to take great travel photos

How To Take Great Travel Photos

January 19, 2016 By Annual Adventure Photography, Travel Advice

You’ve gotten your DSLR, been to some amazing places, but you don’t feel quite like you’ve mastered how to take great travel photos. Your pictures don’t quite do the locations justice, and those sprawling, beautiful landscapes end up looking small and flat. Let me help you with that! When people see my photographs, often I get […]

where to travel featured

How To Decide Where To Travel

January 17, 2016 By Annual Adventure Travel Advice

I often get asked how I pick where to travel to and how I come up with all of these interesting destinations. Here is a bit of insight into my process to help you decide where to travel and find a unique and spot for your next big trip! What I Look For In A Destination […]