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Life In Death: The Death Valley Super Bloom

March 9, 2016 By Annual Adventure California, North America, Photography

About once per decade, California’s Death Valley has a rare and extraordinary event: The Death Valley Super Bloom. Instead of the desolate and barren landscape that it is famous for, Death Valley becomes covered with millions of delicate, beautiful wildflowers. Causes Of The Death Valley Super Bloom You wouldn’t expect it, but the ground of Death Valley is permanently coated in […]

how to take great travel photos

How To Take Great Travel Photos

January 19, 2016 By Annual Adventure Photography, Travel Advice

You’ve gotten your DSLR, been to some amazing places, but you don’t feel quite like you’ve mastered how to take great travel photos. Your pictures don’t quite do the locations justice, and those sprawling, beautiful landscapes end up looking small and flat. Let me help you with that! When people see my photographs, often I get […]