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How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Antarctica?

March 16, 2016 By Annual Adventure Antarctica, Polar Regions, Travel Advice

Whenever anybody finds out for the first time that I’ve traveled to Antarctica (especially after seeing my pictures!), I always get two immediate follow-up questions: How much does Antarctica travel cost? How can you afford that??? The Trip Of A Lifetime Before we get started with diving headfirst into the actual numbers involved with traveling to Antarctica, […]

Having A drink At The World’s Southernmost Bar

March 11, 2016 By Annual Adventure Adventure, Antarctica, Polar Regions

Antarctica is a continent that lends itself to unique experiences. In addition to the most stunning scenery on earth and hordes of penguins everywhere, its isolation makes almost everything you do a new undertaking. Sure, cruising in zodiacs and swimming in below-freezing water aren’t your everyday outings, but even getting a drink at the local bar is something completely […]

Antarctica Camping featured image

Camping in Antarctica

January 15, 2016 By Annual Adventure Adventure, Antarctica, Destinations, Polar Regions

You may think camping in Antarctica sounds like a rugged, cold and uncomfortable night with little rest. Well, frankly, it is, but my night camping in Antarctica was also one of the highlights of my 12 day trip there. With Antarctica itself being such a mysterious and magical place, I could hardly resist the opportunity to spend as […]

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How to Travel to Antarctica

January 14, 2016 By Tim Antarctica, Destinations, Polar Regions

Travel to Antarctica is a daunting task due to its remoteness, restrictions and the outright cost of getting there. I was fortunate enough to step foot on it myself, so allow me to  walk you through some of the steps involved with visiting the stunning 7th Continent. Preparing To Travel To Antarctica Your first considerations should be […]