Make your next trip an Annual Adventure!

Hello there! I’m Tim — the seasoned traveler and accomplished photographer behind Annual Adventure. My photographs have over 500k viewers per month on Pinterest, and my itineraries and guides have ranked up to #1 in Google searches. But that’s not why I’m here.

My goal is to help you make each trip an adventure, whether it’s your annual two-week vacation or a year-long hiatus from the working world. I’ll help you find the most fascinating places you’ve never heard of, plan a comfortable trip within your budget, and take gorgeous photos that capture your memories forever (plus make your in-laws jealous).

Just a few years ago, I had only been to a few places in Europe and North America. I decided to make travel a priority, even though I work full-time in the Los Angeles film industry. Now, I’ve visited all 7 continents and over 50 countries. I’ve been trapped by a cyclone in New Zealand, chased by a honey badger in Tanzania, and had a pack of penguins try to rescue me when I went for a swim in Antarctica. I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

After fielding many questions about the trips I’ve taken — from the world’s southernmost bar (which accepts lingerie as currency) to the rare magic of a Death Valley Super Bloom — I created this website to help you find your inner explorer.

Tim from Annual Adventure
On the lookout for chatty penguins in Antarctica

“Everything you said came true”

Most folks save up their vacation days and take one big trip every year. On top of a demanding job, it takes a lot of work to plan a trip from scratch — and not all information is reliable. I understand the tough spot travelers are in because I am one, and I’m not afraid to tell you how it is.

I’m here to help you make your vacation truly memorable. A stellar trip will top up your memory banks with unforgettable moments, like hiking up a rural mountainside at dawn to a chorus of twittering birds, or the sweet flavors of that chestnut pastry at the one café that does it better than anywhere else in the world.

This is one of the most well documented guides out there! Believe me, I’ve been planning our trip for quite a few weeks & found your posts to be the most accurate & definitive, not to mention entertaining. Thank you for this great guide. – Neha sent me this email after reading my 8 Day Itinerary for Iceland’s Ring Road.


Amazing . . . Your itineraries are awesome and fully packed with lots of stuff for the whole day. Love it. – Richie sent me this note after traveling my 5 Day Itinerary for the Faroe Islands.


I’m planning a trip to Iceland for my 30th . . . and this is the best blog I’ve found!! So thorough and interesting to read! Job well done. Thanks so much! – Clodagh sent me this email after reading my 8 Day Itinerary for Iceland’s Ring Road.


Hi Tim, I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful trip. Your information got us to every place perfectly. The hotels worked out beautifully. The beauty of all the sights was outstanding. Everything you said came true. – Susan sent me this beautiful email after traveling the itinerary in my Utah National Parks Guide for Non-Hikers.


I love meeting fellow travelers from all around the world. One of my favorite email exchanges came from a reader who’d found my 9 Day Utah Road Trip post, but had limited mobility. Inspired by their enthusiasm to get out and see the parks, I decided to make a new guide in response to their question – and the Utah National Parks Guide for Non-Hikers was born.


Conversations with my readers can be the most rewarding aspect of running a blog. Feel free to contact me through social media, or by commenting on my posts. If you have a question, need a bit more advice, or simply want to drop a line about your experiences with a destination, I’d love to hear from you through my contact page.

I’m excited to share my travel advice, stories, and photography tips with you.

Stick with me, we’re going places!

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